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Update (9-8-2017)

I’m still going strong with my books.  I have had the privilege and pleasure of handing out copies to veterans wherever I go.  Recently, I ran into a publishing problem that gave me pause.  The company I use to produce the books raised the cost significantly.  They are approximately double the cost they used to be.  I searched around for other companies that could publish the books for a better price but none of them had the ability to create custom text and photo boxes the way Shutterfly does.  I called and wrote them, hoping that I could appeal to them to keep my cost for the books the same as they’d always been.  I explained that the project was created for our veterans and that I bear all costs myself since the books are gifts to the recipients.  I thought they might have a special program for projects like mine but alas, they don’t.  I was disappointed, however, for the moment, I will continue to use Shutterfly.  I just won’t be able to distribute as many copies.

Take a quiet moment and write a letter…

I’m pleased to report that I’ve gotten some nice, new letters and I will post them here over the next few days.  If you, or someone you know wants to include a letter in Words For Warriors, please touch base at words4warriors1@gmail.com.  This is a living project and it grows and changes for the better all the time.