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Project Update – May 19, 2014

Now that I’m distributing the book, I thought I’d let you know where the book is going.

So far, I’ve placed 6 books at my local VA outpatient clinic, 2 in a VA clinic in Colorado Springs where I was visiting, 5 at a VA outpatient clinic in Golden CO, 1 at the VFW in Golden and sent four to USA Hockey (they are our Paralympic hockey team and have four veterans on the team). I have one being placed in a VA in Maine and one in West Virginia. There are a few on the way to an Air Force base where at least one will find a home at a local Fisher House. One is at Pathway Home in Yountville, California.

Dropping off books this weekend!
Dropping off books this weekend!

I’m also incredibly pleased to say that I’ve been able to give a few copies to a company called Wounded Wear for their use and send a personal copy to the President of the company, Jason Redman (whose words in his recent book The Trident partially inspired me in this undertaking). That’s right, I cold called (via email) his company and he was kind enough to write back.

I’ve also been able to send out copies to many veteran friends and acquaintances which makes me very happy, indeed!

I’m delighted to say that the feedback from the book has been quite positive and it’s the best feeling in the whole world!

The first edition is out but I’m not done yet. I’m still asking people who want a unique way to show our veterans some support to write letters and send photos of themselves. I will definitely be doing a second edition and hopefully many more. Currently, the project is entirely funded by me and my cookie jar. I am scheming ways to get additional funds but whether I do or not, I will continue to distribute books. Outside money just means more books out to our veterans…faster.

Do you want to be in the next edition of Words For Warriors?

If you would like to be in my next book, I invite you to send a letter along to words4warriors1@gmail.com. Please understand this isn’t a writing contest. It’s not about fancy language or perfect grammar. A few simple words from the heart is all that is necessary. its something meaningful you can do and it doesn’t cost a penny, just a few minutes of your time.



Project Update – March 19, 2014

I had a meeting yesterday with a Vietnam era veteran who has connections at the VA and with some veteran’s organizations.  Looks like I have an “in” at the VA so when the books are ready to go out, I will definitely be able to get them inside where the veterans will be able to read them.  This is a good development since I was fully prepared to set up camp outside the various VA clinics and hospitals and hand out copies to vets going in and out.

I have a meeting on Friday with a veteran’s group at a manufacturing plant.  It’s always good to have the opportunity to get the word out about this project.

I was exercising this morning and had a bit of insight.  I think there are people I’ve solicited for participation in the Words for Warriors Project who feel intimidated by the prospect of writing an open letter.  Since I love to write and it’s a very comfortable way for me to express myself (I’d rather write than talk most of the time, which is why my friends all know to text me or email me rather than call me on the phone) that thought hadn’t occurred to me before now.  I know lots of people who love to talk but think of putting pen to paper as torture. To that end, I made up some sheets so that people can dictate what they’d like to say and I can just write it down for them.

I will use this form to write down notes from people who'd rather just talk and not write.
I will use this form to write down notes from people who’d rather talk and not write.

I see myself standing on a street corner somewhere in the near future with a clipboard and pen ready to go!  Since we’ve already established that talking to people isn’t my strong suit, especially talking to strangers, this will prove to be an interesting exercise in “how-much-do-I-want-it?”

I can tell you right now, this project WILL be successful and if I have to go outside my comfort zone, then that’s exactly what I’ll do!

Bless all of you who have so kindly made submissions.  Remember you never know how much a kind word can mean to someone.