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Project Update – July 2, 2014

Jack Dawson is an artist who has been producing wonderful work for over 30 years.  He has created many lovely pieces using various types of media.  He says his “principal purpose has been to spread the message of Jesus Christ through his work.”  He and his wife, have a website at http://www.jackdawson.com where you can go and see his art.

I’m delighted to say that they have made a very generous donation of notecards to the Words For Warriors Project.  The notecards depict one of my favorite paintings of his called Heart of a Warrior and I will be tucking them into the copies of Words For Warriors that I send out.  Very happy to have them.  I think the recipients of the books will enjoy the little extra surprise nestled amongst the pages.

Many thanks to Jack and Nancy Dawson for their generosity!

This is the front of the notecard.
This is the front of the notecards.


This is the back that explains the thoughts behind the painting.
The back of the notecard explains the thoughts behind the painting.