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From Blase G. (student, age 10)

I am thankful for the troops because they defend our country. They are willing to sacrifice their life for American citizens . When I am old enough, I want to be a weapons maker and designer. That sounds like a good career.  This would help Marines while doing something I enjoy.  I want to help them succeed in defeating the enemies of America.

From Betty S. (Great Grandmother, age 80+)

To our servicemen and women,

It’s hard to express how grateful we are for all you are did in defending our country.  As a former Navy wife, I know the anguish your family and friends went through until your safe return. There is also so very much pride!

We fly our American flag daily.  You will never be forgotten.


We fly our flag every day!
We fly our flag every day!

From Barry T. (Retired Toolmaker, age 67)

A salute to all our troops,

Here’s one American who is behind you all the way.

This is a quote from Jeff Cooper of Gunsite fame, that I think may be relevant to those of you who served or are currently serving in hot zones.

“Having been mildly annoyed by the commonplace salutation, “Have a nice day!” for some years now, we were delighted recently when, after filling our tank and taking our money, our local friendly fuel dealer waved at us and said, “Shoot straight!” We intend to adopt that expression, and we hope that our friends will too.”

This ‘Shoot Straight’ may also replace the admonition to ‘Be Careful’.

I offer this in memory of my dad Carl, who had been there and done that in WW II.

Carl in Oran N

With all the respect you deserve,

God bless our troops!

Barry T.

From Tina C. (Nail Technician, age 32)

My parents came to America because of the war.  They had to plan and slip away quietly.  In those days, you weren’t allowed to leave Vietnam.  If the government found out, they would put you in jail so they had to do it in secret.  They left everything.  One night they quietly went down to the river to a boat.  The boat took them to another island and then from there they came to America.  They wanted a better future for themselves and for me and my brother.  Education was important to them.  My father became a citizen and I became a citizen about two years ago.

The day I became a citizen I was very excited.  I wasn’t nervous because I know American history.  Some people were nervous but not me.  I had a lot of knowledge and I studied.  When I was sworn in they played a song, The Star-Spangled Banner.  It made me cry because I was happy and proud.

I think our troops are like heroes.  They protect us and they keep us safe. They work very hard but very quietly.  We thank them for helping us, for everything they do for us.

Who will protect America if we don’t have them?

Photo to come...
Photo to come…


From Sage W. (Student, age 16)

To our troops,

“The greatest glory of a free-born people is to pass that freedom on to their children.”  (William Havard)

When the Founding Fathers created our nation they envisioned freedom for American citizens.  Thanks in large part to our troops their vision of a free America has stood the test of time.  It’s endured through the years, allowing the individual liberties Americans are blessed with.

Your hard work has allowed me to inherit a great nation.  I see you as role models for selfless acts, bravery and honor.  Thank you.