Update (9-8-2017)

I’m still going strong with my books.  I have had the privilege and pleasure of handing out copies to veterans wherever I go.  Recently, I ran into a publishing problem that gave me pause.  The company I use to produce the books raised the cost significantly.  They are approximately double the cost they used to be.  I searched around for other companies that could publish the books for a better price but none of them had the ability to create custom text and photo boxes the way Shutterfly does.  I called and wrote them, hoping that I could appeal to them to keep my cost for the books the same as they’d always been.  I explained that the project was created for our veterans and that I bear all costs myself since the books are gifts to the recipients.  I thought they might have a special program for projects like mine but alas, they don’t.  I was disappointed, however, for the moment, I will continue to use Shutterfly.  I just won’t be able to distribute as many copies.

Take a quiet moment and write a letter…

I’m pleased to report that I’ve gotten some nice, new letters and I will post them here over the next few days.  If you, or someone you know wants to include a letter in Words For Warriors, please touch base at words4warriors1@gmail.com.  This is a living project and it grows and changes for the better all the time.

2 thoughts on “Update (9-8-2017)”

  1. Doc,

    Check out Snapfish for the book. They are in the exact building as shutterfly and they use the exact same machine to publish their books. I know this because I know someone who works for one of these companies and he told me directly to go with the one that had the cheaper price. They companies take turns running specials, they split the cost of the machine and they can average out profits.


    1. Hi! Thank you for the info. I was so happy with Shutterfly for so long. If you’re just buying one book, the cost increase doesn’t matter as much. Even with the 50% off each book is now about $60. I’ll see about Snapfish and what they have going on. Maybe I’ll try my appeal over there to see if they’ll do a special discount for this type of project. It can’t hurt, right?

      It’s great to hear from you. I didn’t think anyone really read the things I post here. It’s always veeeewy, veeeewy quiet around here. I hope you’re doing well and that things are going swimmingly in your neck of the woods. Happy Saturday!

      Oh! I’m excited because I’m going to be helping at an event for some of our Medal of Honor recipients. I have 4 copies of the book on hand and will take them along when I go. I typically make it a point to give the book to our unsung, unrecognized veterans but I do think they would also enjoy having a copy. It’s gotten better over time. Your letter is a permanent fixture in there but I replaced a few of the other letters with very strong new ones. It’s a fun project. I’ll be publishing the newer letters here too, over the next few days.

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