Project Update – January 21, 2015

I’ve just sent out the last copy of the current edition of Words For Warriors to an Army veteran.  That means I’ll start thinking about placing an order for additional books in the near future.  First, I need to re-fill my cookie jar and have some jobs lined up to accomplish that goal.  In the meantime, I’m going to use this lull to re-configure this website.  I like some aspects of the way it looks, like the sliding banner across the top but I don’t like some of the other visuals. I’m going to play around with it…try on some new clothes, if you will, to see if I can find a template that I like the look of.

As always, I’m happy to have new letters for the next editions of the book I put out.  Please contribute a few lines and a photo or two.  If you’ve already written a letter, let your friends know about our project.  It’s an easy and fun way to make a positive contribution!

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