Project Update – July 27, 2014

When I post letters I do so because it allows readers to see what is in the books I hand out.  It’s also an opportunity for veterans who might not be in my immediate sphere to read the letters that have been written to them by all of the contributors to this project.  The internet posts convey the meaning of the letters but they do look much more impressive when I put them into the book with proper layout.  I recently posted a letter from Logan C.  He included many great photos with his letter so I had enough between the text and the pictures to create a two page layout.  This is what it looks like.

A look at the layout in the book
A look at the layout in the book

I’m diligently working on the second edition of Words For Warriors.  It’s shaping up quite nicely and just in time!  I had the opportunity to send 9 copies to a group of Army Rangers who were getting together for a summer party.  I’m now down to the last couple of copies of the first edition available to distribute.  Some of the letters from the first edition will appear in the second edition but many new letters will be included.  I still have August 15th as my target date to send the new edition off to be printed.

The second edition cover will look like the first edition cover with the exception of the color and a little notation on the spine indicating that it’s a subsequent edition.  I liked the original red cover and I think the blue looks great as well.

The cover of the second edition.  I think the blue looks nice.
The cover of the second edition. I think the blue looks nice.


Front and back cover...
Front and back cover…

Remember, if you know anyone who might like to contribute a letter to the Words For Warriors Project, it’s not too late. Please encourage them to do so!  It doesn’t take much time to write a few words and you never know…it might make somebody’s day!