From Michael K. (Army Veteran, Career Firefighter

This is for all of you warriors out there who are serving our nation.

I was once where you are in a very different time. I served in the first Gulf War and I consider that to have been a cake walk compared to what you are doing today. I think about the sacrifices that are made when I drive by an American flag. I think of not only you, I think of the backbone of every soldier which is their family. The family is also in the military.  They are just behind the scenes.

You men and women that proudly go off to a foreign country are an inspiration to all of us. The mission may be long and hard but the mission is always a success because of you. Speaking as a former service member you have millions of us soldiers in your pocket with you through our thoughts and prayers. Keep up the good work and know that I personally shake the hands of every soldier or veteran for a job well done. Thank you for what you do and remember that every day that goes by is one day closer to home. God Bless and be safe. Your country loves you.

Michael J. Kline

Michael K.

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