From Gina S. (Writer and Mom)

To our men and women who serve,

I see your sacrifice everywhere—on a nice day by the water when everyone is out with friends and family, or while putting my daughter to bed with wishes for sweet dreams and kisses to help make them come true. These are two of countless everyday moments that you sacrifice with your loved ones.  And because you do this, I get to have those moments in peace and security.

Thank you.

Thank you for all that you give up at home. Thank you for enduring long days away filled with danger or boredom, stifling heat or bitter cold, camel spiders and other wildlife, and mostly for facing whatever the day brings with courage.

Please tell your family that I thank them as well. The missing, worrying, dealing with appliances and vehicles that like to gang up and break down the moment you leave, and sending care from 7,000 miles away is not for the faint of heart.

What you and your family do for the rest of us is not taken for granted. It is honored and cherished. Hopefully the words in this book will help ensure that you never doubt this.
Gina S.

p.s. my daughter thanks you too.

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5 thoughts on “From Gina S. (Writer and Mom)”

  1. Hi my name is Kyndal. To all of our brave Men and Women in uniform and all of our brave Veterans, I would just like to tell y’all from the bottom of my heart “Thank You” for y’alls wonderful service to our country, y’alls service to our country is very much appreciated!! It’s because of brave Men and Women and Veterans like ya’ll that I can lay my head down in peace knowing that I don’t have to be afraid cause I know that there is someone in uniform fighting to keep me safe. I just want to tell ya’ll that ya’ll are my very favorite Heroes!!!

    1. Hi Kyndal! Thank you for the kind note. I really appreciate it. Do you have a photo you’d like to include with your letter? How would you like me to identify you? I identify myself as Lynn C (Academic Editor at a Research University and fitness enthusiast). Gina asked to be identified as Gina S. (Writer and Mom). Tanya J. wanted me to note that she’s a grandmother and avid traveler. You can say what your job or hobby is and that would be fine. Happy that you took time to contribute to the Words For Warriors Project!

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