Project Update – June 12, 2014

This project is a testament to the fact that I believe so strongly in the power of words to affect those who read them.  It’s not supposition.  I know this is true from my own life.  There have been countless times I’ve been pondering some question or another and the next thing I know, I open a book and there is the answer.  I have found illumination, comfort, camaraderie and encouragement from words left for me by others in books my entire life.  There are times books have been my best company.  That is why I’m so passionate about the Words For Warriors Project.  You never know who needs the words you have to offer.  It doesn’t matter if they’re fancy or as simple and plain as they could possibly be.  When they come from the heart, they are understood by the heart.

It was my pleasure to be able to send a copy of our book to a friend (we met through our mutual interest in fitness/bodybuilding…who woulda thunk it?)  He sent me the following yesterday

“Thank you so much! received!! awesome work…really great. People worldwide appreciate this caring and respectful gesture!” (F.T. Army Veteran)


Here are a few more words we’ve gotten back regarding this project.

“I received your book a few days ago. I apologize for being so tardy in letting you know, but I’ve been immersed in the volume, and I have to tell you that I love it. That this book is truly a labor of love for you is quite evident by the content. At times, I was moved to tears. Thank you for giving me a copy, and thank you, thank you, thank you for the kind and beautiful words you inscribed on the inside cover. I am deeply touched.” (A.E. USMC veteran)

“Dear Dr. Lynn, Just wanted to thank you so much for the book. I was quite surprised to receive a copy so quickly. Susie gave it to me on Monday, and my son’s birthday was on Tuesday. I gave it to him on Thursday. He and his wife were speechless, and thought it was very cool. This is a wonderful project.” (A.H. Mother of a USMC veteran.  I sent her the book to give to him).

Here is another from a USMC veteran and USAFR friend who liked the book so much he submitted a letter for the second edition. “I received the Words For Warriors book this week and I have read it front to back, twice! I enjoyed each and every story. Very moving, emotional and gratifying! My favorites dealt with the appreciation by civilians for those who have and who continue to serve and also for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you so much for this publication but more importantly your friendship and exceptional caring for military personnel. You can count on me to spread the word about this book.” (M. Davis)

M. Davis
M. Davis

One more….”Lynn, We met briefly and talked briefly about hiking when you brought the books into the CBOC on Monday. Thank you for supporting the veteran with time, effort AND ink! (Administrator at the VA where I left some copies of the book).


Please let friends know about our project.  I’m collecting letters for the second edition and as always welcome participation from anyone who wants to show our veterans some appreciation.





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