Project Update – April 30, 2014

It’s official!  The Words For Warriors Project is now a corporation…and I’m the President!  The great thing about this is that I can now accept donations from people who wish to offer them.  I’m not actively soliciting donations at this time but it’s nice to know that when I’m ready I can do so.  My plan is to get the first books out and into the hands of some of our veterans and then get feedback regarding the book upon this site.  One thing I’ve learned in life is that success breeds success and once there’s concrete evidence that the books have been well received, it will be much easier to attract additional funds to this project. I will continue supporting the Words For Warriors Project and distributing books with or without outside money but if other people want to help it just means more books to more veterans…faster!  Once I get some book reviews up it will help attract attention.  Everybody likes supporting proven endeavors with a bit of a track record.

It’s for that very reason that I’m so very grateful and appreciative of all of you who took a chance and made contributions to this first edition of the book.  I feel very honored by your trust in me.  Many of you weren’t quite sure exactly what I was going to come up with. I’m sure some of you had visions of me taking a stack of photocopied letters, stapling them in the upper, left-hand corner and passing them out.  Nevertheless, you kindly took your time to write some beautiful letters to our veterans.  I don’t take that lightly.  We’re all busy and have lots of demands on our time and attention but those of you who saw the value in this project came through with some of the most wonderful letters I’ve had the pleasure of reading.  Thank you!

I set today as the day I would send the book off to the publisher.  Although it’s a bit frustrating I must delay that by a few days.  This is because now that I’m an official corporation, I had to set up a business account.  I met with the banker yesterday and all the paperwork is in process.  I sign a few additional documents at 1:00pm tomorrow….which finalizes the business account (and will provide me with a business debit/credit card with which to order the books).  I could have rushed ahead and debited my personal account as planned instead of transferring funds for the book into the business account but now that I’m a corporation any money spent must come out of the “official” Words For Warriors account. It’s a boring explanation.  It doesn’t make me happy to wait a few extra days but it’s the proper decision.

The book is completely edited and ready to go…I can’t wait to get it to the printer.  I’m quite pleased with the way it turned out.  I changed a few minor things. The photo of the American Flag on the first page was switched out for another American Flag photo, I changed the font of some of the text and the background color of some of the pages.  I also switched the order in which some of the letters appear.  Nothing major was changed and the book looks great!

I am now in the process of doing the paperwork that must be submitted in order to get non-profit status for the Words For Warriors Project.  That should all be in by the end of next week then I just have to wait for government response.  There isn’t any way to tell how long it will take but a couple of attorneys have told me to expect it to be a few weeks to a few months.

Don’t worry if you check in here over the next couple of weeks and things look different.  I’m going to be playing with this website to see if I can create something more pleasing to look at.  I know how I want the website to look and I’ll be experimenting with it for a bit.

Although our first edition is complete, I’m still collecting letters for subsequent editions of the book so please feel free to tell friends about the Words For Warriors Project.  I’m always happy to accept new submissions!



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