Project Update – April 2, 2014

The following is what the prototype book I ordered looks like spread flat.  The blue is the back cover and the red is the front cover.  It’s a 10 inch x 10 inch book and I ordered it in both hardcover and a softcover version.  The copies I donate to the VA clinics/hospitals will be hardcover since they’re likely to get a lot of wear in the waiting areas.  I am considering creating some softcover versions to give to individual veterans as personal copies.  The softcover version is considerably less expensive and therefore I’d be able to produce and distribute more of them in the community.  When the prototype books arrive I’ll determine if the softcover version is of the quality I want and then I’ll make a determination regarding the numbers of each version to order for distribution.

From Sherwin A. (Retired Oil & Gas Company Executive)

Dear Armed Forces Member:

First and most of all, thank you for serving our country, and in many instances, putting your personal life and safety on the line for the benefit of all of us at home. Our country, as we know it, would not long survive without a strong and dedicated defense force. History shows us that freedom comes with a price, and a strong military is a big part of that price. You in the armed forces play a huge role in defending that freedom and our way of life. I have the utmost respect for you. Thanks again for what you did for all of us.

Very truly yours,
Sherwin A.