From Laurisa C. (Corporate Recruiter, Age 23)

Dear Soldier,

Thank you for your relentless pursuit of excellence. Excellence in honor, excellence in duty and excellence in selfless service. As I go about my day, I sometimes forget why it is so special to be an American citizen. I forget these things because I live in a country where I don’t have to worry about being safe. And that is a privilege denied to many.

I have this very privilege because of the soldiers that are sacrificing themselves so I can enjoy this life. This life of unequivocal freedom and opportunity.

The freedom that you fight for does not go unnoticed. It is noticed in the streets I walk in, the buildings I work in and the people I speak with. It is not a blatant thing; it is a gentle underlying current. One that swells and pools around your feet. A current that you don’t even realize you are a part of until it sweeps you up and carries you out to sea. And for that peaceful forgetfulness, I thank you.

Your selfless service is admirable beyond all else.





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