From Paul G. (Student, Age 15)

Bravery.  Defined as “The quality that allows someone to do things that are dangerous or frightening.”  Few have it, you do.  The guardians and protectors of The United States of America.  You are the bravest people on the face of the earth.  You have chosen to make the greatest sacrifice one can make.  To put your life on the line for others.  No words can explain the amount of courage and bravery you have.

You are the reason that when I go to bed at night, I look forward to tomorrow.  Without our troops America would be incapable of existence and without America there is no freedom, so I thank you.  I thank you, the guards of freedom and the pillars of a nation.  I thank you, the men and women who have so bravely served our great nation.  Thank you.

Paul G.


From Laurisa C. (Corporate Recruiter, Age 23)

Dear Soldier,

Thank you for your relentless pursuit of excellence. Excellence in honor, excellence in duty and excellence in selfless service. As I go about my day, I sometimes forget why it is so special to be an American citizen. I forget these things because I live in a country where I don’t have to worry about being safe. And that is a privilege denied to many.

I have this very privilege because of the soldiers that are sacrificing themselves so I can enjoy this life. This life of unequivocal freedom and opportunity.

The freedom that you fight for does not go unnoticed. It is noticed in the streets I walk in, the buildings I work in and the people I speak with. It is not a blatant thing; it is a gentle underlying current. One that swells and pools around your feet. A current that you don’t even realize you are a part of until it sweeps you up and carries you out to sea. And for that peaceful forgetfulness, I thank you.

Your selfless service is admirable beyond all else.





From Ken G. (Small Business Owner, Age 47)

To Our Country’s Service Men and Women Past and Present,

The weight of the world at least

That weight would only be increased

Beyond what mortal men would dare to bear

Even though the weight was great

They stormed the beach and then they crashed the gate

And after there was music in the air  (The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, They Will Need Music)

From every generation of American came a select few people who put their lives on the line to establish, maintain then preserve the freedom that is unique to our country.  Thanks to your courage and determination, the closest folks like myself will ever come to dangers like many of you have faced is in history books.  For that, myself, my family, and the entire country are forever grateful.

Ken G.