From John S. (Lt. USNR, Age 85)

To all of you guys and gals who served in our armed forces,

Thank you for all that you did on our behalf and what you gave for the well being of our country!

As an Ole Guy now, I was one of you, 65 years ago.  I served in the Navy on a “Tin Can” (Destroyer) during our conflict with North Korea.  Our main assignment was anti-submarine duty….we escorted “capital ships” (mostly aircraft carriers for security).  Secondarily, we were deployed to patrol Wonson Harbor (North Korea), communicating with Navy, Marine and Air Force pilots that were injured or had damaged aircraft over North Korea.  We advised them of our position and directed them to head for the ocean where we would pick them up thereby helping them avoid capture which was a strong possibility if they went down in North Korea. We took a couple of hits during this action but sailed on (trying to avoid deadly floating mines).

I hope that you young guardians of America know how much your present endeavors are appreciated and wish you the best.

John S. Lt. USNR


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