From Kevin B. (Attorney, Age 51)

As a warrior you are someone who accepted the responsibility to fight for those who could not.  In many instances it may feel that what you did was unnecessary or unappreciated, but here in the States there are a lot of people who depend on what you did to protect them, their property and ultimately their way of life.  We are free to go to the gym, have dinner with our friends and or families, pursue our careers and even go to the shopping mall because you are did the heavy lifting for us.

While there are those who do not say so, it may come as a pleasant surprise to you that many of us do.  Your service is in our conversation at lunch, our thoughts while we are driving, and the emails we send to each other expressing our appreciation for all that you do.  While you are not privy to these conversations please be assured that you are in them often.

While we do not say it often enough.  Thank you.

Kevin B.

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